Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile


We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP), Sterilized by gamma Irradiation in highly demanded across the globe, the offered dressing is highly effective results. appreciated for its quick.

SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP) is presented as a gauze of leno weave impregnated with white soft paraffin, containing 0.5% chlorhexidine acetate BP.

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Features and Benefits:

  • SURECHLOR is an antiseptic & Non-toxic tulle dressing BP.
  • One layer of tulle dressing only should be applied directly to the surface of lesions being treated, and this should be done with forceps under sterile condition.
  • SURECHLOR can be used on wounds where there is a risk of infection or on already infected wounds if the person has been prescribed oral antibiotics.
  • Quick and effective results
  • Optimum tearing strength
  • Avoid contact with eyes, the middle ear, meninges and brain.
  • Prescribe for skin, minor burns, pressure sores injuries, scalds abrasions, Lacerations, Ulcers and
    Colostomies, our product is made available at an affordable price.

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Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile

10CM X 10CM X 1D


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