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  • Cotton Crepe Bandage

    Cotton Crepe Bandage


    We manufactured Cotton Crepe Bandages which are useful in sprains and other minor muscle injuries. Our company recognized as a leading manufacturer of cotton crepe bandages. The cotton crepe bandages are manufactured on modern auto looms with the latest technology.

    SURECREPE Produced from superior quality of viscose & cotton yarns. The plain weave bandage has fast edges
    & flesh colour.

  • Gamjee Roll


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  • Orthopedic Bandage

    Orthopedic Bandage


    We are manufacturing and exporting best Quality of SURESOFT (Orthopedic Bandage)

    SURESOFT is a highly absorbent material suitable for use around wounds. This soft natural material creates a comfortable under cast surface for either synthetic or natural casting materials.

    The white cast padding is non-woven and is made using viscose fibers, which brings comfort to the patient while plastered.