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  • Adhesive Tape


    We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, engaged in offering a Adhesive Tape
    USP which is extensively used for dressing open injuries and cuts.

    SURETAPE (Adhesive Tape) consists of a suitable cloth of cotton or rayon or both mixed, evenly spread with self
    adhesive mass containing zinc oxide. The cloth is finished to good white or dyed flesh (skin) colour with non
    toxic dye..

  • Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile

    Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile


    We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP), Sterilized by gamma Irradiation in highly demanded across the globe, the offered dressing is highly effective results. appreciated for its quick.

    SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP) is presented as a gauze of leno weave impregnated with white soft paraffin, containing 0.5% chlorhexidine acetate BP.

  • Combine Dressing (Dressing Pad)


    With firm commitment to Quality, we are engaged in manufacturer, and Exporting Sterile Combine Dressing (Dressing Pad)

    • SUREPAD ((Dressing Pad) Dressing is used to pack large bleeding wounds after initial bleeding control direct pressure.
    • SUREPAD ((Dressing Pad) They are wound dressings consisting of a highly absorbent thick layer of fleece enclosed a soft and conformable non-woven fabric, folded over form a flat tube.
  • Cotton Crepe Bandage

    Cotton Crepe Bandage


    We manufactured Cotton Crepe Bandages which are useful in sprains and other minor muscle injuries. Our company recognized as a leading manufacturer of cotton crepe bandages. The cotton crepe bandages are manufactured on modern auto looms with the latest technology.

    SURECREPE Produced from superior quality of viscose & cotton yarns. The plain weave bandage has fast edges
    & flesh colour.

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage


    We manufacture and supply superior quality of Elastic Adhesive Bandage, which is used for dressing purposes. Our Elastic Adhesive Bandages are made from superior quality material with fast edges.

    SUREPLAST (Elastic Adhesive Bandage) used for compression and support of soft tissue, or as a fixing tape for dressing.

  • Gamjee Roll


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  • I.V. Cannula Fixator


    We offer a variety of SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator), which is made up of elastic adhesive bandage

    SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator) is designed to strengthen the I.V. cannula Fixator on the body at the time of dripping and injecting medicines.

  • Micro Porous Surgical Tape

    Micro Porous Surgical Tape


    We are manufacturer & exporter of SUREPORE(Micro Porous Surgical Tape).

    • SUREPORE is gentle to the skin yet adhere well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.
    • SUREPORE is best for securing small to medium dressings, especially on damp skin.
    • SURETAPE consists of a suitable cloth of cotton or rayon or both mixed, evenly spread with self adhesive mass.
    • containing zinc oxide. The cloth is finished to good white or dyed flesh (skin) colour with non toxic dye.
    • Provide maximum comfort and protection using SUREPORE (Micropore Surgical Tapes).
      They are hypoallergenic, breathable paper tape for patient safety and comfort.
  • Orthopedic Bandage

    Orthopedic Bandage


    We are manufacturing and exporting best Quality of SURESOFT (Orthopedic Bandage)

    SURESOFT is a highly absorbent material suitable for use around wounds. This soft natural material creates a comfortable under cast surface for either synthetic or natural casting materials.

    The white cast padding is non-woven and is made using viscose fibers, which brings comfort to the patient while plastered.

  • Paraffin Gauze Dressing Sterile


    We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Paraffin Gauze Dressing.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) are applied directly over the contact layer and sooth and project the wound.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) protect from bacteria and other antibodies and enhance the healing process.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) are used as an additional layer when dressing wounds and should be used.conjunction with an appropriate secondary dressing. The dressings are made from 100% cotton , open mesh leno weave, impregnated with yellow/white soft paraffin. The paraffin coating prevents these
    dressings from adhering to wounds.

  • Plaster of Paris Bandage


    We offer a variety & superior Quality of SURECAST (Plaster of Paris Bandage).

    Plaster of Paris Bandages, also called plaster bandages, are mainly used to protect injured anatomical structures (mainly broken bones) and also served to stability the bones while healing. Once it has been applied, the gauze hardens after water is added.