I.V. Cannula Fixator


We offer a variety of SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator), which is made up of elastic adhesive bandage

SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator) is designed to strengthen the I.V. cannula Fixator on the body at the time of dripping and injecting medicines.

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Features and Benefits:

The use of SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator) results in lesser pain and easy insulation. SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator) is U-shaped and a rectangular-shaped elastic adhesive bandage is also available with it in order to strengthen the firmness of SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator). The use of SUREFIX (I.V. Cannula Fixator) dressing allows air to pass freely.

  • Well-designed shape
  • Saved nursing time, Convenient
  • Efficient use
  • Helps in preventing pain
  • Stretches with body movements
  • Allows air circulation

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I.V. Cannula Fixator

5CM X 6CM (Medium)


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