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  • Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile

    Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Sterile


    We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP), Sterilized by gamma Irradiation in highly demanded across the globe, the offered dressing is highly effective results. appreciated for its quick.

    SURECHLOR (Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP) is presented as a gauze of leno weave impregnated with white soft paraffin, containing 0.5% chlorhexidine acetate BP.

  • Paraffin Gauze Dressing Sterile


    We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Paraffin Gauze Dressing.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) are applied directly over the contact layer and sooth and project the wound.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) protect from bacteria and other antibodies and enhance the healing process.

    SUREFFIN (Paraffin gauze dressing) are used as an additional layer when dressing wounds and should be used.conjunction with an appropriate secondary dressing. The dressings are made from 100% cotton , open mesh leno weave, impregnated with yellow/white soft paraffin. The paraffin coating prevents these
    dressings from adhering to wounds.