Plaster of Paris Bandage


We offer a variety & superior Quality of SURECAST (Plaster of Paris Bandage).

Plaster of Paris Bandages, also called plaster bandages, are mainly used to protect injured anatomical structures (mainly broken bones) and also served to stability the bones while healing. Once it has been applied, the gauze hardens after water is added.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Leno weave fabric coated with POP mass which is more sticky & adheres to cloth more.
  • Therefore less powder loss even when dipped in water. The more sticky powder adhere the layers more with each & makes all layers in one & this one layered cast has more than double the strength as compared to our competitors. Therefore fewer bandages are required to make a plaster & resultant cast is of light weight.
  • Premium Orthopedic Plaster
  • This quality is especially developed for bulk buyers like big Hospitals & Ministry of Health etc.
  • Having short water immersion time.
  • Normally Durable , Creamy and having good cast strength.
  • Latex-free, High Cast Strength
  • Optimum Setting Time
  • Minimum Powder Loss
  • Moisture resistant packaging

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Plaster of Paris Bandage

7.5CM X 2.7MTR
10CM X 2.7MTR
15CM X 2.7MTR
20CM X 2.7MTR


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